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Stylized Celtic Heart with wood burning, Red Cedar wood carving - by Signs of Spirit on Art Fire and Etsy


Stylized Celtic Heart with wood burning, Red Cedar wood carving - by Signs of Spirit on Art Fire and Etsy


"Not your awkward but just me… I’m awkward."

I just absolutely love Anna’s face in this scene.

All her life, Anna has probably been told she was awkward, and not behaved like a princess would. She was very clumsy, and talkative, and just not very princess like. She thought that when she’d find her prince, he would be so sophisticated and help her become sophisticated. She thought she was the only awkward person around…

Until Kristoff.

Kristoff is the opposite of what she imagined as a little girl. He’s gruff, and big, and grumpy at times. But most of all: he’s awkward too. He’s as nervous as she is when he sees her. He’s nervous to kiss her. He’s rambling. Like she does. He’s just like her.

And she realizes that maybe she doesn’t need a prince to "fix" her. Maybe she doesn’t even have to be fixed. As long as Kristoff is here, accepting her awkward ness, and acting as awkward as she… 

She can be whatever she want to be.


Water Imitated by a Wood Automaton by Dean O’Callaghan.

This mesmerizing object is an automaton made by Dean O’Callaghan. It’s designed to look like a drop of rain hitting a pool of water. As he turns the crank, concentric rings of water emanate from the center. O’Callaghan attributes the idea to sculptor Reuben Margolin.

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#I loved this SO MUCH #like this is the same steve who got in fights with dudes twice his size because they were talking in the movie theater #you know? #like there’s so much to steve #he’s great at tactics and planning #and he cares SO MUCH about so much #but also? he’s really fighty and MAD #you know?? #like he does not back down from ANYTHING #and it’s equal parts bravery and fuck you #love him (via)

Not only that, but it brings back the fundamental characteristic of Steve from the first movie that he doesn’t really care about odds. There’s this element of him that just doesn’t CARE how ridiculously they aren’t in his favor. Be it taking on Hydra single handed or fighting people twice his size, there’s a level of sheer disregard for his well being. Sure he’s sincere and good as you can find, but he’s also RECKLESS when it comes to himself. It’s that feature to him that he feels like got Bucky killed. It’s that feature that he blames himself for. So he seems like he hones that to a point where he’s just challenging himself to NOT LOSE.

I’d also like to point out that there is honestly not another character in the MCU that I can think of who has the all out BALLS that Steve does. I mean he’s pretty much just an amped up human on a team of gods and monsters. He doesn’t have flashy powers or laser cannons. Yet he’s the LEADER. Everyone LOOKS at him as a leader. Not because he’s stronger than everyone else, but because he has the gravitas and willingness to take the responsibility as leader. Steve’s life philosophy is basically “try me”. Even when he COULDN’T win that was his philosophy. Steve Rogers is a natural leader from day one. Sure it looked like Bucky was the force to be reckoned with when they were growing up, but STEVE was the one inspired Bucky to follow him without blinking and it was an aspect of him that Bucky even admits came from their younger days. Steve Rogers has a WILD disregard for his own self and that’s why I find him so fascinating. He not only runs with the big boys, but he LEADS them. And that’s one of the ballsiest things I’ve ever seen.

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